Two Testimonials

My editing service, OES, continues to grow and evolve—and to receive positive feedback from clients. Here are two of my favorite testimonials from the past few months:

“I reached out to OES for help with my résumé and cover letter, since my goal was always to move to New York and grow my career there. New York is a very competitive city, and I’d not had luck applying for jobs there and I knew I was doing something wrong. Matt helped me simplify and streamline my résumé and cover letter and make the language stronger and more grammatically correct. (English is my second language.) He also emphasized strong points that I was not highlighting properly. Magically, with the new résumé and cover letter, I got the job in New York!”—Eliana M., architect and designer

“I think of Matt as a guide who has navigated diverse terrain: crossed its ridges, hiked its peaks, and breathed in its meadows. He recognizes the challenges writers face and the tools they’ll need as they embark on their creative journey. He not only carved a path for me as I stumbled through the wilderness, but carried my water through the toughest stretches. My boots are muddied, my shirt is sweaty, and my walking stick is scarred, but I owe the confidence I’ve gained as an author to Matt’s pathfinding. His compass is true north in the realm of writing.”—Juergen B., author and adventurer

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