Thirty Years Ago

As some of you may recall, much of my youth was misspent on the outdoor basketball courts of Decatur and Atlanta, Georgia. I also played ball for Decatur High, Georgia State University and the University of West Georgia.

My sophomore year at State, we won our conference tournament and got an automatic bid to the NCAA tourney. That, remarkably, was 30 years ago.

To mark the anniversary, Dave Cohen, “The Voice of the Panthers,” is interviewing players and coaches from that team (and from the 2001 tourney team). I recently spoke to Dave about DHS hoops, my career at State, the ’91 team, my time in Las Vegas and my latest book, Dark Days, Bright Nights: Surviving the Las Vegas Storm Drains.

PS- my audio is a little low and muffled; I did the interview from San Salvador via Zoom

PPS- with shout-outs to Melvin Howard, Darryl Gresham, Phillip Luckydo, Mark Thompson, Travis Williams and many others

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