The seedy side of Vegas

I’m working with a British TV program that will be in town from mid-July to early August. They’re interested in the seedier side of Las Vegas—drugs, prostitution, homelessness, etc.—and stories related to the economy. For example, the costumed characters on the Strip and Fremont Street or squatters in foreclosed homes. They’re also interested in meeting unique Vegas characters who can serve as guides (e.g., Oscar Goodman to introduce the city or Linda Lera-Randle El to introduce the world of the homeless). While the show may sound dark, it also hopes to highlight success stories and people who are trying to make a difference in the community.
If you have any story ideas or character suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Matthew,

    this is Bastian from germany, the filmmaker. We met two years ago and went into the tunnels together. Can you please contact me? I will be back in September, October to shoot the final portion.

    Thank you.

  2. Nancy says:

    Matt. My name is Nancy Douglass. My husband and I used to come to Vegas every year for Comdex. I came to know a homeless, double amputee, black man who would sit between The Mirage and Caesar's with several dogs who he loved very much. We would talk every year I would come to town. The last time I saw him I handed him an envelope with money in it and I never saw him again. I am reaching out to you to see if you ever ran into this man on your trips to the tunnels. I have always wondered what happened to him and if he is ok. Thank you! Nancy

  3. Anonymous says:

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  4. Matthew says:

    hey, nancy. no, i don't believe i have ever run into this person. of course, i don't venture onto the strip very often. anyway, thanks for reaching out to me, and all the best to you!

  5. Nancy says:

    Thanks Matt. Thought it was worth a try. It's been many years but I have never forgotten that man. Thanks and all the best to you too!!