The Lost Xplorers podcast

I have long admired Kris Saknussemm’s bibliography, heavily stamped passport, and bold cultural commentary (though I’m sure we do not agree on everything), so I was honored to be a guest on the podcast he co-hosts with J. David Osborne. The three of us chatted for a little more than an hour, touching on topics ranging from the expat life to finding love through a language barrier to my earliest memory.

Check it out, if you have time. Here is a rough guide of some of the topics and their time marks: expat life (5:30-17:30); finding love through a language barrier (17:30-25:40); homelessness in the US and the underground flood channels of Las Vegas (25:40-32); contrasting Las Vegas and San Salvador (32-37); earliest memories (44:10-50:30); and a lightning round (1:01-1:10).

And please subscribe to their podcast, Lost Xplorers, if it catches your interest.

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