The latest issue of Interim

Eight or nine months ago, I posted an excerpt of a poem I was working on—a processing of sorts of my move from Las Vegas to San Salvador—and asked for advice on where I should submit it. The poem was eventually picked up by Interim, an old and respected literary journal based at UNLV, and it’s included in the latest issue. Titled “El Salvador” (or “The Savior”), the poem starts:

The rain broke.

Stars shone like stars.

The same Scorpius

that looked down on me

in the desert?


Fixed for millennia.

I migrated, in reverse,

from dawn to dusk.


The night—

so black it’s blue—

embraced me with amputated arms. …


You can read the rest of the poem, and the latest issue, here:

PS- A few of you read various drafts of the poem and provided feedback. Thank you! Also, a special thanks to Interim Editor Claudia Keelan and Assistant Editor Andrew S. Nicholson.

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