Thanks, Yo!

I’ve tried to stay away from acknowledging or posting reviews and stories about Beneath the Neon on this website. It just seems a little gratuitous. And if I acknowledge or post one, I’d feel obligated to acknowledge or post them all. Plus, Huntington Press keeps track of that stuff on its website,

But I want to thank Yolanda Smith, secretary of the Wild Bunch bowling league at Sam’s Town, for recommending the book in the league’s newsletter. In the newsletter, Yolanda called the book a “must read.” She went on to say it would make a “great gift” for any bookworms on your Christmas list – and it’s never too early to start shopping for Christmas.

Also in the newsletter: “Big Bob” bowled a 252 to win the first game of league play the week of July 24. “Shaggy” won game two, with a respectable 249.

I wonder if Josh still has that bowling ball we found in the depths of the Cappadocia Drain. If so, we may have to head out to Sam’s Town and show the Wild Bunch what’s up.

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