Thanks for the continued support!

Every three months, my dad emails me to let me know that a royalty check for a few hundred dollars has arrived in the mail. And every time I receive that email, I’m surprised.

Beneath the Neon, which finds me exploring the underground flood channels of Las Vegas with a flashlight, tape recorder, and expandable baton for protection, was published in 2007 by Huntington Press. My Week at the Blue Angel—a collection of creative-nonfiction stories set in the seedier side of Vegas—was published in 2010 (also by HP).

The fact that I’m receiving royalties for two books that were released by a niche publisher more than ten years ago is a bit of an anomaly in the publishing industry. Thanks to everyone who has recommended the books to a friend or family member, has rated or reviewed them online, has covered them for a media outlet, etc., and continues to do so!

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