Rick and Cyndi

Caught up with my good friend Rick yesterday. Rick and I met about five years ago in a storm drain near Eastern and Trop. We worked with a few TV crews, one of which (“Dr. Phil”) helped him and his significant other, Cyndi, get out of the drains. They have been clean and housed for three years and now help others through the recovery process.

Congrats, Rick and Cyndi, on all of your success!    

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  1. Hello – is this Matthew O'Brien I am reaching? I've tried to use the 'contact' area on this site but nothing happens. SO I thought I'd jump in here since this is a recent post – maybe you will see it, Matthew.

    I saw your video for the first time a couple weeks ago and have not been able to stop thinking of these precious folks. And thank you for bringing this to everyone's attention and for checking in with them periodically.

    I'm actually headed to Vegas tomorrow from my home in greater Atlanta GA – it will be the first time in my life, (I'm 63 years old). My niece is getting married there Saturday. I've been making some 'care packages' for the flood dwellers and wondered if there would be any way to get them to you if I brought them with me.

    I'd love to buy you breakfast Friday or Saturday, if you are in town and have some time, but I know this is last minute so if you are unavailable, I understand! Maybe you have a friend or staff member that could meet me and receive these items? I'd be a bit reluctant to drop the gifts off 'on site' if someone wasn't with me.

    I look forward to connecting somehow. Below is my email address.

    Warm regards,
    Lynne E.

    my email is skyflier06@aol.com