Quick Christmas follow-up

Spent a few hours in the underground flood channels on Christmas Day, giving out bottled water, clothes, gift cards, toiletries and other items, with the help of a former tunnel resident. The people we encountered were, as usual, polite and appreciative. Thanks to Ted at Lynn’s World consignment store, my sister Cathy, my friends David and Molly and my Facebook friend Karine Projean for their generous donations!

4 Responses

  1. Wandering says:

    you are a good man…big hugs to you and your elves!!

  2. Rich Penksa says:

    Matt,wonderful work…as you have been doing for many years with the underground homeless population in Las Vegas. This is an extremely service resistant type of individual that historically trusts very few….again congratulations to gaining this populations trust and referring and linking clients to services which has included over 100 chronically homeless people becoming permanently housed (with wrap around services)!! I look forward to working closely with you in the very near future to ensure this population continues to receive these type of services.

    Rich Penksa – present
    Housing Coordinator/ North Star ACT
    Mental Health Systems
    San Deigo, California

    Director/Homeless Services- 2009-2011
    HELP of Southern Nevada
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  3. Matthew says:

    thanks, wandering. elves? i like that!

  4. Matthew says:

    thanks, rich. of course, you helped make it all possible. it has been a pleasure working with you and, indeed, i hope we continue our work in the future.