Out of the dark

Steve and Kathryn, the couple featured in some of the media coverage of the tunnels, have been housed. Two weeks ago, I helped them move some of their stuff from the side tunnel they lived in for a few years to a group home in central Vegas. Just talked to them yesterday and they seem to be doing well.

They’re in the capable hands of Louis Lacey, one of HELP of Southern Nevada’s most respected case managers. Lacey, Rich Penksa and many other HELP staffers have visited the side tunnel – located about a half-mile into a storm drain – regularly over the past seven or eight months. Their determination and bravery have resulted in several people leaving that tunnel and being housed. They’re changing lives – and it’s incredible to see.

I’ll try to keep you all updated on Steve and Kathryn and the 15 or so other people the Shine a Light crew has helped lead from the darkness.

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