Midwest Book Review

A short but sweet review of My Week at the Blue Angel by the Midwest Book Review:

My Week at the Blue Angel
Matthew O’Brien
Huntington Press
3665 Procyon Street, Las Vegas, NV 89103
1935396412, $14.95, www.shoplva.com

A sleazy cheap motel is often the headquarters of life’s adventures. “My Week at the Blue Angel: And Other Stories From the Storm Drains, Strip Clubs, and Trailer Parks of Las Vegas” is a collection of memoirs from Matthew O’Brien about his own unique adventures in Vegas, a town with no shortage of notoriety. His exploration however, isn’t the theme park, but the city that hides behind it that is living and breathing much like any city in America. With plenty of black and white photos, “My Week at the Blue Angel” is a fun and intriguing read that will prove very hard to put down.

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