Let’s do dinner!

The night of Oct. 12, I’m taking part in a really cool event that will support Nevada Humanities. It’s called “Food for Thought,” and it’s a benefit dinner with an interesting twist: Each table will focus on one topic, with a moderator guiding the conversation. Sample topics include: “The Xs and Os of Success,” moderated by UNLV men’s basketball coach Lon Kruger; “Drought Along the Colorado River,” moderated by Southern Nevada Water Authority General Manager Pat Mulroy; and “Politics in the Silver State,” moderated by author and Review-Journal columnist John L. Smith. I’m moderating a discussion titled “Beneath the Neon,” which will focus on who and what lurks in the underground flood channels of Las Vegas.

Admittedly, it’s not the most appetizing topic. And at $150, the dinner isn’t cheap. But the topic is no less appetizing than Nevada politics (thanks for pointing that out, Becky), the dinner is tax-deductible and it’s for a good cause.

For more information on the “Food for Thought” benefit dinner, visit www.nevadahumanities.org.

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