Job update

And just like that—finger snap!—my two-year contract at Escuela Americana in San Salvador has been fulfilled. Indeed, the time blurred by, in part because I was so busy. Last school year, I had three “preps” (different classes) and I taught five total classes, while also sponsoring EA’s arts magazine. I worked, on average, about 50 hours a week.

In short, the job was challenging and an incredible learning experience, but not sustainable for me.

I will, however, be returning to Escuela Americana in a slightly different capacity. I’ll be teaching two classes and tutoring in the writing center for two or three “blocks,” for a total of 35 hours a week. Hopefully, this will allow me more free time to enjoy beautiful El Salvador, to write, study Spanish, etc.

It’s a one-year contract, so we shall see how it goes. But I’m incredibly excited about the upcoming school year and all of the other prospects and experiences that, no doubt, await. As always, I’ll keep you updated.

Con amor …

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