Grad school update

So, I applied to six MFA creative writing programs: Iowa, Texas, UC Irvine, UNLV, Washington and Arizona. In the spring, I’ll know where I got in and what funding is available, and I’ll go from there. Very excited about the prospects!

I’ll keep you updated, of course.

2 Responses

  1. Wandering says:

    I hope you get your favorite! Is there one? Grad school…wow…to me, very intimidating considering I am in the very beginning here, English 101 in a community college. HA!
    I already think you write very creatively =) Always room for improvement of course, as I am finding out since I thought I knew English fairly well. I wrote my first essay last week and I am stoked! Keep your fingers crossed for an A, and at least a B+!
    Looking forward to hearing where you are accepted.

  2. Matthew says:

    trying not to get ahead of myself. i'm just waiting to hear back from the schools and i'll decide my favorite then.

    i'll keep you updated, of course. and good luck with english 101!