Editing Service Update

It was a busy week for O’Brien Editing Services—the busiest to date. I copy-edited and fact-checked a book review and news feature for a national U.S. publication. I edited four blogs for an international sales-management company. I punched up and fleshed out a long bio for a teacher friend who will begin a job search in the next few months.

I needed a break. A trip to El Balsamar beach in El Salvador with my girlfriend and two other friends provided it.

But I’ll be back at my desk early Monday morning, refreshed and ready to go. Do you have a website that is not generating the response you had hoped? A résumé that needs to be edited, updated, and reorganized? Trying to revive a short story or book?

Surf the OES site (www.obrieneditingservices.com). If you’d like a price quote, submit the Get Started form or email me via the contact form on this site.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported this venture in some form or fashion!

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