CrowdRise follow-up

You all may recall Billy, who was featured in the CrowdRise video a few months ago. He said he wanted to get a job and reunite with his family. It appears both of those things will happen. Billy’s ex-wife saw the CrowdRise video and recently offered him a place to live, a car and a job in Houston, Texas, Billy’s home state, where many of his family members still live.
Using money from the CrowdRise fundraiser, we took Billy to Walmart (his choice) and bought him clothes, snacks and toiletries. We then put him up in a hotel. The next day, we bought him a one-way bus ticket to Houston (he doesn’t have an ID, so he cannot fly) and saw him off the station.

Thanks again to everyone who donated to the fundraiser! I’ll continue to keep you updated on his progress. 

2 Responses

  1. Lisa says:

    Thank you for everything that you have done for Billy, Matt. You are truly an angel on earth.

    Sincerely, Lisa (billy's ex wife)

  2. Matthew says:

    My pleasure. And thank you, too, Lisa, for all that you are doing!