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MTV mention

The latest episode of MTV’s “The Buried Life” mentions Beneath the Neon. About six minutes into the show, the hosts say they read the book and two of them decide to explore the underground flood channels. They meet Rick (aka “Iron”) and help him reunite with his daughter, whom he’d not seen for several years, and meet his granddaughter.

The tunnels and Rick are only featured briefly (about six minutes in and at the very end), but it’s a touching story, nonetheless.

New kid in town

I should’ve posted something about this awhile back, but I was busy and it slipped my mind: As a consultant, I helped launch a weekly magazine – Vegas Seven. It’s slick, well-produced and covers a variety of subjects, including politics, sports, nightlife, food, fashion and business.

I’m no longer consulting for Seven, but I plan to write for the magazine occasionally. In fact, I have two stories in the latest issue: a CityCenter-related essay and a feature on Michael’s Used Books.

Vegas Seven is free and available at bookstores, libraries, grocery stores, etc., throughout the valley and at