Book update

It took awhile, but I’ve found a home for my book about the people who survived the Las Vegas storm drains.

When I lived in Las Vegas, I wasn’t aware of Central Recovery Press. But my grad-school buddy Dan Hernandez got a job there, and I added CRP to my list of publishers that may be interested in the book project. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I’d ever contact them; I was confident I could place this book with an agent, or a publisher outside of Vegas. But that proved difficult and tedious, so I reached out to CRP, through Dan, and they were interested in the book. And the more I learned about them—a niche (addiction and recovery) that fits the book, a national distributor, competitive advances, etc.—the more interested I became. Finally, after several weeks of back and forth, I signed the contract.

The hope is that this book, tentatively titled Two Cops and a Cricket: Surviving the Las Vegas Storm Drains, will be published in the next year or so. I also hope that it will raise money and awareness for Shine a Light. (One-fourth of the money I make off the book will go to Shine a Light, and I will encourage CRP to contribute to the program as well).

As always, I will keep you all updated. And thanks again for your support!

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