Book update

I finished the third (and perhaps final) draft of the tunnel survivors book. It’s a little more than 80,000 words. It could probably be trimmed a bit more, a few things shifted around, etc., but I’m pretty satisfied with this version.

The options now seem to be to let it sit for a bit and take one more whack at it or to pitch it immediately to agents and publishers. I’m leaning toward pitching it immediately, as I think I’ve done all I can with it (at least for now, without feedback from an editor or agent).

If you have thoughts on this, please share them. Also, if you know an agent or publisher that may be interested in survival stories from the Las Vegas storm drains, which bust myths and paint a larger picture of homelessness in America, let me know. (I may also reach out to some of you individually for advice.)

Thanks in advance!

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