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Thanksgiving in the tunnels of Vegas

A few of you have asked how you can help the people living in the underground flood channels of Vegas. Here’s your chance. I’m going into the storm drains on Thanksgiving to catch up with friends and bring them food, water, blankets and clothing. I try to live sparsely – as a writer, I have no choice – and I don’t have a lot of extra stuff. So if you have canned goods, bottled water, blankets, sweatshirts, sweaters, winter jackets, etc., that you can spare, please let me know. (Mostly men’s clothing is needed, but there are a few women living down there, too.)

You can drop the stuff off at my apartment (I live near Paradise and Desert Inn) or meet me at one of my haunts: the Coffee Bean across from UNLV, Rejavanate (Flamingo and Pecos) or Tea Planet at Chinatown. Or I can pick up the stuff at your work or home, if I’m in the area.

If you’re interested, message me or shoot me an e-mail. Thanks.