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Thanksgiving in the tunnels

I’m taking food and gifts into the tunnels on Thanksgiving, because I’ll probably be out of town for Christmas. If you want to donate some new or gently used gifts and can meet me Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon or evening, preferably in the central valley, please let me know. Looking for quality over quantity, as we’ll probably only visit three or four tunnels. The people who live in the tunnels told me they would like books (self-help, spiritual and thrillers), toiletries (disposable razors, bar soap, shampoo, etc.), laundry detergent, batteries (D, AA and AAA), jugs of water, thick socks, blankets and winter coats.


Shine a Light update

It’s been six months since HELP of Southern Nevada and I co-founded Shine a Light – a charity organization that helps the hundreds of men and women living in the underground flood channels of Las Vegas – so I figured I’d give you all a quick update. We’ve met and offered services to more than 100 people, got paperwork on about 35 (who are now on file) and housed and treated about 15. We’ve also helped people get IDs, food stamps, medical treatment and we’ve rescued a few animals.

The staff of HELP of Southern Nevada – led by Rich Penksa – and its affiliated organizations, including Straight from the Streets, Mojave Mental Health and WestCare, do incredible work! It’s been amazing to watch them take people from the tunnels and turn their lives around.

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