Sin City

One of the questions I ask all the interviewees is, “How’d you end up in Vegas?” A simple question that usually elicits an interesting response:

“I got into a high-speed chase in California. I was living in Riverside and had a pound of weed on me. I was using and selling it. I was speeding so the cops came to pull me over. I was on my motorcycle, a Honda v65, which was really fast.

“I ran because of the weed. It was in my backpack. I took the backpack off and put it between my legs and was flying down the 91, crumbling weed in my hand and dropping it to the ground. When I got rid of all the evidence I pulled over. The cops said, ‘What the hell, man?’ and I said, ‘I just thought I’d take it for a ride, see what it could do, open it up.’ They said, ‘It looked like you were trying to get rid of something.’ ‘I wasn’t trying to get rid of anything, man. You must be imagining things.’

“I was put in the county jail for the high-speed chase. I did a year and after I got out I was on probation for another year. The day I got off probation I split. I said I’m done with this place and I came to Las Vegas. It was something different, a party place. I had heard you could drink here 24/7, and that sounded good to me.”—Tommy, in the drains from 2003 to 2008 #ShineALight #TwoCopsAndACricket

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